Home Repair & Construction

Most of us can't relate to the stress of watching the ceiling swell and sag with water, needing five or six pails to catch the drips every time it rains. We don't know what it's like to have the bathtub collapse through the floor during a bath. This is the reality of many of our families that don't have the skills or can't afford expensive repairs to maintain their homes.

Each year more than 15 churches and college groups partner with Heart and Hand to improve the housing of low income folks in Barbour County. Volunteers help with bedroom additions, roof repair, insulation, wheelchair ramps and many other repairs, as well as the construction of one or two new homes.

Groups are housed in churches, camps and schools while they spend the week working with the home owner. Volunteer groups raise support locally to purchase materials and supplies for their work project.

Many volunteers come to give and find themselves the recipient. Just one of God's mysteries!

Work Group Photos

Visit our photo gallery archive or click on the individual group names below to see each work team in action.

Asbury UMC July 21, 2019

Port Vue/Christian Center/New Life Fellowship June 23, 2019

Central Highlands UMC July 7, 2019

Rockville Mennonite July 14, 2019

Cornwall June 9, 2019

Philippi Mennonite 2019

CMF July 21, 2019

Shady Grove July 21, 2019

Doug Taylor Group May 27, 2019

St. Columba June 23, 2019

First United Methodist June 16, 2019

St. Pauls - Elizabethtown July 7, 2019

Holiday Park June 16, 2019

St. Pauls - Oakland July 28, 2019

Ingomar June 16, 2019

Stroudsburg July 7, 2019

Pender July 21, 2019

Trinity Mennonite July 14, 2019

Trinity Charge July 2019